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Meet The Staff

Jo-Ann Faulkner - Dance Professors in South Plainfield, NJ
Jo-Ann Faulkner

Jo-Ann Faulkner has been the Director and Owner of The Performing Arts Center at Jo-Ann's Dance Studio for the past 38 years. She is on-site six days a week, and personally oversees all business and artistic aspects at the center. Read more
Tara Faulkner-Catalina - Dance Professors in South Plainfield, NJ
Tara Faulkner-Catalina

Tara Faulkner-Catalina is the Assistant Director at Jo-Ann's Dance Studio. She teaches ballet, pointe, and modern dance; and she is the Director for both the ballet and modern productions. Tara has been teaching dance ... Read more
Jenna Merendino - Dance Professors in South Plainfield, NJ
Jenna Merendino

Jenna Merendino is a graduate of Rider University and the Princeton Ballet School Dance Program. Jenna holds a Bachelors Degree in Dance Education. She performed professionally at The Off-Broadstreet Theatre in Hopewell, NJ ... Read more
Stephanie Prybella - Dance Professors in in South Plainfield, NJ
Stephanie Prybella

Stephanie has been at Jo-Ann's since she was a student back in 1986. She started teaching her own classes in 2004, and specializes in teaching our youngest dances (ages 3 to 7) in our preschool and combination ballet/tap ... Read more
Tamara Dombrowski - Dance Professors in South Plainfield, NJ
Tamara Dombrowski

Tamara is the Director of our Tap and Musical Theatre program. She also teaches our Jazz, Pre-School and Combination tap/ballet classes, and co-directs these productions that feature our youngest dancers. Tammy is ... Read more
John Barrella - Dance Instructors in South Plainfield, NJ
John Barrella

John Barrella is a hip hop/street funk dance instructor from central New Jersey. His primary focus is on techniques for B-boy (Breakdancing), Locking, Popping, Freestyle and Street Funk Choreography. John Began his training ... Read more
Ashlen Udell - Dance Instructors in South Plainfield, NJ
Ashlen Udell

Ashlen Udell currently holds her Masters in Music Education from Northwestern University, her Bachelors in Music Education from Montclair State University (MSU) and has earned her PK-12 teacher certification in Dance Education ... Read more
Tessa Browne - Dance Instructors in South Plainfield, NJ
Tessa Browne

Tessa was certified by AFAA and started teaching fitness classes at the age of 15. She has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and has taught Pilates, Dance Fitness, Pole Dance, Step, Kickboxing and weight circuits. She has been a ... Read more
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